OP-Prison Castle Building Contest

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    Aloha Everyone!
    As a recently promoted Event host, I'd like to get started as soon as possible.

    From now to the 27th of June, there will be two competitions to see who can build the best castle/fort.

    Non-Creative Contest Rewards (Subject to change)

    1st Place:
    - 1 Legendary Key
    - 500 tokens
    - 1 Rare of choice (Excluding some)

    2nd place:
    - 1 Rare Key
    - 250 tokens
    - 60,000,000

    3rd place:
    - 3 Vote Keys
    - 40,000,000

    Creative Contest Rewards (Must be free rank) (Subject to change)

    1st Place:
    - 2 Legendary Keys
    - 1000 tokens
    - 1 Rare of Choice (Excluding some)
    - 150,000,000
    - Build featured in a later event

    2nd Place:
    - 1 Mythic Key
    - 500 tokens
    - 2 Maxed out Pickaxes

    3rd Place:
    - 5 Vote Keys
    - 75,000,000

    You are allowed to work in teams, but the rewards will only be given to the plot owner.
    The build must have at least one front entrance.
    All builds must be finalized before inspected
    Free ranks are allowed to participate in both

    Extra information:
    Physical rewards will be given on all worlds
    Plots can be provided (If requested)
    Alternative rewards may be available
    Rewards can be given to another player of choice
    Non-OPP players can request for alternative rewards on Skyblock or Factions

    The builds will be judged by members of the staff and build teams.

    All contestants who wish to participate, leave a name below.

    Signup Format
    Contest (Creative/Normal):

    Questions? Leave them below and they will be answered.

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    Contest: Normal
    good luck to everyone
  3. we need dragons! and Ness!
  4. IGN: HeadMod
    Contest (Creative/Normal): Normal because I don't play OPP
  5. IGN: douwe345
  6. Are there any rules against the use of Schematica in this event?
  7. There are no rules against using Schematica. However, using this mod may result is reduced points.
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  8. IGN: drakonsuper
  9. IGN: TripleNext
    IGN: JamesBond2k04
    Creative. We're gonna need a plot<3
    Gl, Everyone!
  10. 2 2x2 creative plots have been provided. Are you two entering separately or together?
  11. IGN: BudderShark
    Contest: Creative

    i need something to do since voting is down : P
  12. Update: The contest "due date" has been changed to the 15th. All builds must be done by this date. If you wish for a short extension, PM me and we can discuss the topic to a greater extent.
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  13. 24CarroitBlazen
    Contest Normal
    sorry i need it to be offical
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    is there a way to submit your plot or do you just tp to our plots and if we have multiple plots do we tell you the number?
  14. I'll tp to all plots of everyone who enters and then copy the design into a separate area.
  15. i see
  16. Sounds like fun, do I need a plot?
  17. if you need one ask Meaphf he will supply you with one
    If you wish to join the con test lease use this format
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    Also be mindful that the contest will end the 15th so make sure to get your self entered fast good luck
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    When do the plots get judged?
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    what does that mean
  18. Due to a lack of entries, all plots will be judged when another non-creative castle is submitted.

    Any rare, such as an arrow/chain/spawneggs. The few things excluded are things that would be problematic for the economy of OPP.
  19. ign Rushfarter49
    non Creative
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