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  1. Greetings everyone,

    Today we have some exciting news we'd like to share with the community. To begin with, as of today a new 'team' has been added to the staff ranks here on Minecart. Essentially, this team will be referred to as the 'Management Team', at the head of which, will be our new 'Server Manager'. This role is basically to help the admins with much of the backend work, similar to our previous Manager role, helping the Administration team with bug reports, implementing suggestion and aiding with the overall maintenance of the server to ensure it runs smoothly from day to day. Unlike our previous Manager role, this role will be team based and will focus a lot around teamwork as opposed to a group of Managers working individually.

    As of now, we can announce that we do have someone who has filled this new Server Manager role and will be overseeing our Management Team, that person will be @Claudio - congratulation to him and we welcome him to the team. Please note that this isn't a decision we have taken lightly, Skelly and I have been discussing this for a while in depth and have discussed it with Caleb also. We feel this is a positive step in the right direction to ensure the server will maintained. The team comes with their own strict guidelines to ensure that the server receives the best possible attention by people are going to be active and of real help to us.

    Whilst we will be looking for people who are interested in joining our Management Team, this isn't a role we are going to hand to anyone on a plate just because, for example, you've set up a localhost server before. It comes with its own application and the applicant's knowledge will be tested. We will provide more information to anyone who is interested in applying in due course.

    Additional Information

    We would also like to congratulate @IElx on getting Helper, @Meaphf who is now our first Junior Admin (Just to clarify, this is a frontend only position) and finally @Muar who has now joined our Management Team. Congrats all.
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  2. Congratulations @Claudio - good choice for the role imo.
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  3. Congratulations Claudio! :D
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. That's Racists ;-;
  6. What? There's a figurative meaning to this.
  7. Not every person is a man.

    (it just a prank man ;-; )
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  8. Gratz claud !
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  9. Thank you all! I hope to fulfill this role to the best of my ability. Together for a better future to this server.
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  10. Respectfully. I find it a bit convenient you can just walk into a new role like this, what made you come back to the community in such a rush? You became very inactive, pretty much non existent until recent times. I know this might seem like I'm attacking you but I'm honestly curious.

    I do however wish you congratulations and I felt that when you applied ages ago you deserved it. I'm only basing this off that application and observations that I've made of you in the past. I appreciate your kind words for this community, you've got a very positive out look for this server and I wish you good luck in this role.

    Also I like the colour of the tag, it brings out your eyes & I see a little bit of Mineslam in those eyes.

    Congrats to everyone :)
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  11. Wb!
  12. Congrats mate, you too Elx
    Maybe I eventually join you sometime soon if all goes well for me, until then, so be it.
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  13. uhm

    Also, I could waste an hour of my sunday talking about how it's an interesting idea to fasttrack people from default or helper to staff manager, but hey, look how well lac came out, right? Clearly there's no point discussing it

    Gl claud ur cool, don't take this little segment the wrong way. Not really directed at you
  14. Congratulations guys <3
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  15. I completely understand your point of view guys, and while it does seem unfair, it is definitely for a good cause. Lac and Skelly have many tasks, and having an extra member that they can share these tasks with can, and should, remove some of the pressure, allowing them to explore different ideas. When I remove most of the workload from Skelly and Lac, I will consider applying, The verdict of the decision then will decide whether I keep the rank, or if I am not fit. @Amen, thanks for your kind words. I understand what you are trying to say, but I was placed in charge of the previous sister server since Caleb took the domain and redirected it to this server, so I needed to compromise with them before I can switch to here.

    At the end, we are all here for a common cause, and it is to advance the community. My rank does nothing little but to implement, but it is you, the community, that has the true power here. You decide what is placed and removed from the gameplay; and we, the staff, are your loyal servants.
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  16. I don't know if you read it but there's actually a bit of process now that they need to follow and do well on before they're given their position. As stated in the post it's not something that's just handed out anymore both Claud and Muar had to follow the same steps to achieve their position.
  17. Is there a chance you'll ever inform us of these methods and tests? Like explain the process this would help improve not only the staff awareness of how to achieve such a rank but the members. I feel that explaining the process would be beneficial to everyone. It might be me but I still would appreciate it. Thank you for reading.
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  18. Well to begin before they take the actual test/submit their application myself and Skelly ask them a series of questions relating to their previous work experience (if any), do they have the basic knowledge and understanding of using the same tools that we use to run the server, a couple of scenario questions and then they're given the application. Once they submit their application myself and Skelly review it and if they've done well and we believe they're fit for the position we talk to them again, we discuss the responses they put on their application and give them more scenarios and often times give them some yml files to play around with and test their knowledge. After that we speak to Caleb to see if he's on board with all of it.
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  19. Ah thank you, sorry for being curious. I just wanted to gain more knowledge of the staff system as it helps me have more knowledge in those areas which may lack. I'm also satisfied with your answer I also agree with your methods.

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  20. Just to clarify once more, this is not something we're merely handing out to people on a plate and spoon feeding them what they need to know. We haven't moved Maur up the ranks for no good reason and thrown him into the deep end. Members of the Management Team actually have to have a decent level of knowledge of how a server functions and a good understanding of certain things we use behind the scenes - both Claud and Muar demonstrated that and proved why they'd be valuable assets, as such, we decided they were ideal candidates for this team.

    Sucks if anyone has a problem with this, but we're simply taking what we feel is a positive step in the right direction.
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