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by Deprive at 4:40 PM
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Good evening everyone,
As I'm sure many of you have probably seen by now there have been many changes that have happened on the network. One of our first major changes is the staff team. To start I'll give you a brief run down of what happened within the staff team.

Deprive > Staff Manager
SkellyX > Staff Manager
CraftyDanMC > Event Host
Zoe/Aspirants > Sr. Mod
CraftyDanMC > Sr. Mod
Feebareeba > Mod
MineCartMC > Helper
Shado__ > Helper
Scarynom > Helper
RHDarkrai > Helper
VanKnight > Guard
Aspirants > Junior-Guard
EpicSquirrel269 > Demoted from Staff Manager

As well there has been a new updated set of staff guidelines that have come out which can be found here

After a very long wait, we're going to be releasing a new set of rule tomorrow! We don't have an exact time set but we'll be sure to inform the community once those new rules come out. They will also be found here.


After a long waited release there will be a private beta on op-prison next Saturday (the 15th). We will post a thread with more information on that and will only be choosing a select few users to come and join us, The purpose isn't to get a head start but to help us find and bugs/issues with we might have missed.


Easter season is coming up meaning new opportunities for events! On Saturday 16th of April, a Easter Maze event will be taking place hosted by @CraftyDanMC . This maze will give all players the opportunity to win a selection of prizes, listed below, the maze contains a variety of different styles, including invisible blocks, underground passages and parkour throughout, be prepared for a possible but challenging experience for enjoyment and rewards! The finalised prizes have not yet been decided on, however, the first, second and third winners will be rewarded with keys and items as well as a money reward available for everyone once you have completed the maze! Please be aware, however, this will not be the only Easter Event, there are plans for smaller events (times to be decided closer to the time) such as knockback egg wars, PvP - last man standing as well as Easter eggs dotted around Skyblock and Factions containing exclusive Easter treats! A more informative post will be going up sometime next week going into more detail about events and happenings for Easter. So stay tuned!

A couple of small other changes


  • Added 'other' prefix for creating threads
  • Added a FAQs channel for users who are new to the server and need help navigating.
  • Added 'YouTuber' rank
  • For those of you who would like to add an element of risk to your game, we have now added a toggle feature to VoidSpawn so that you will die instead of teleporting back to your island unharmed. Simply do /vs toggle. (Special thanks to...
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Hey everyone,

As I'm sure you're all aware by now, Skyblock has now officially reset and seems to be running pretty smoothly. Of course, with any new reset we may discover a few minor bumps during these early days. If you do discover a problem, please be sure to inform myself, Lac or Matty as soon as possible. We hope you're enjoying the new Skyblock thus far and the new additions that have come with it.

Just to give you guys a brief run down of what we have done, I've written up a changelog of everything that we have changed, as well as a few other updates further down that are not related to Skyblock.

Changelog (04/02/17):

  • New Spawn
  • Added an Uncommon Crate
  • Players now have a chance of obtaining a Title via Crates
  • Players now have a chance of obtaining Legacy Ranks via Crates
    • Uncommon -> Premium
    • Mythical -> Hero
    • Legendary -> Elite
  • Chance of spawning with a random companion upon creating new island
    • Cow
    • Horse
    • Wolf
    • Villager
  • In-game Ranks will now cost more to obtain
    • Member+ - $1mil
    • Executive - $2.5mil
    • Veteran - $5mil
  • Added Cobwebs to the shop
  • Rotten flesh no longer drops from Zombie Pigmen
  • Poppys no longer drop from Iron Golems
  • Hoppers have been limited to 2k per island
  • Made Glowstone sellable
  • Island leaders now have full control over their own Island Setting (/is cp)
  • Players now have a chance of dropping their head in PvP
  • Improved our GUI for /shop
  • Added a GUI for /warp
  • Added a GUI for /help
  • Added a GUI for /servers
  • Added 5 new NPCs at Spawn to show top 5 balances as well as island levels
  • Trading rooms no longer exist. Please use /trade.
  • Some block values have changed (/help for more info)
  • Added Guardian Spawners to the shop
  • Added /topbalances
  • Added /topislands
  • Added Public Warps GUI (found in /warp)
  • PRO ranks and those with /set warp abilities can now control your own warps via /warp > Public Warps > My Set Warps
  • Increase your island team from 5 to 12, 16 or 20 via the Store.
  • Fly will no longer disable on disconnect - you are free to log out mid-air without falling when you join back!

  • Changed the kill reward to regen 3 for 3 seconds.
  • Added 2 more speed 2 potions to kit health

  • Matty2k999 > Co-Owner
  • SkellyX > Admin
  • Deprive > Admin
  • Eqoh > Resigned
  • Lauren > Resigned
As I'm sure some of you are wondering; now Caleb is taking more of a back seat in terms of the server, it has been decided that @Matty2k999 will take on the role as Co-Owner to ensure the smooth running of the server on Caleb's behalf - huge congratz to him! As that left the Admin position vacant, it was also decided that myself and @Knowledge would take on the role of Admin, working closely together to help the community in any way we can. This now means that the roles of Manager and Community...
by Matty2k999 at 11:31 AM
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As the staff team has been working extra hard on the Skyblock reset we believe that the time has come to see it shine in the community, and therefore we will be bringing the release date forward!
Rather than being released in a weeks time we will be releasing Skyblock on the 2nd of April.

On the 2nd of April at approximately the following times, the current Skyblock server will be shut down, and it'll be replaced by the new Skyblock a few moments later!

  • 6:30PM GMT
  • 10:30AM PST
  • 1:30 PM EST
  • 12:30PM CST
If any bugs or anything that requires fixing could be put into the bug reports section it would be incredibly helpful!

I hope you all continue to have a great week, and we all wish you enjoy playing on the new server!