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by SkellyX at 8:10 PM
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Hey everyone,

After spending the last week deep in thought and considering some real life options, it is with great sadness that I announce to you that as of today, I will be stepping down as owner of The Minecart. Firstly, I want to stress that this has absolutely nothing to do with the server itself or any factors surrounding the server. The fact is, I have recently been presented with a real life opportunity, such is its potential that I would be an absolute idiot to pass it up for the sake of maintaining my activity level on a game. Such opportunities don't come round all that often and so I've decided to take it. I'll be moving to a new place and I'll be taking all my possessions with me, but I think this would be the ideal time - as I approach the age of 21 - to leave Minecraft behind, enter this new phase of my life and make the most of the opportunity I've been presented with.

With that said, please do not think the server is in any kind of disarray or that things are going downhill. Quite the opposite in fact, I know all about the big plans that are coming up in the near future and I'm genuinely disappointed I can't be part of it. Furthermore, it's important to note that Lac will still remain owner and the team will mostly remain the way it is, nothing will be changing in that regard. Lac still has a very capable backend team behind him so I'm sure my absence won't affect things too much. I apologise that this has come out of the blue and hope I haven't let anyone down, but this decision is based on my future and what it could look life if I took this chance. If I passed it up I'd probably regret it, so I need to take it and see what might come of it.

I want to give a huge thank you to all the members and staff - past and present - who have made my time here extremely enjoyable and thank you all especially for the dedication and hard work you have put in throughout my time as owner - everything you have done has been greatly appreciated and I will miss you greatly. I also want to say thank you to @Deprive, without whom my job here would have been extremely difficult. It has been quite the journey mate; from you getting me [falsely] demoted, to us becoming co-owners. You have genuinely been my best friend here and someone I have grown to respect immensely - it's been a pleasure getting to know you. I know you will continue to keep up the good work and do right by the server - as we have always striven to do since we took over. The Minecart (and formerly Mineslam) has been a big part of my life since I joined in 2014. It has been a great few years, from starting out as a humble Skyblock player, to getting Helper and working my way up the ranks here - I've loved every minute. I have met some great people and hold some great memories.

Thank you everyone. I leave here happy in everything I have achieved, with no regrets and with malice to none. I wish you all well in everything that you do, and I wish...
by Dan at 3:26 PM
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Good Evening,

Let's start on a happy note, that being I am happy to announce KitPvP will be back up and running at approximately 9:30pm BST, 4:30pm EST and 3:30pm CST. We sincerely apologise for the downtime and hope we will not have to resort to such measures again.

With that being said, there are a few changes that have come into place:
  • Players no longer have access to reset their stats
  • Crates have been temporarily disabled, until further notice
  • Many players have been banned (explained further below)
  • Crate keys have temporarily been taken down from the store
  • Fixed certain commands being blocked over the map
  • Re-added access to /pv and /echest in PvP
  • PvP event re-added for tomorrow (more info)
  • Changed the anti cheat
Now comes to the less pleasing part. I and the other members of senior staff have had to spend multiple hours going through pv's, logs, stats etc... for the past few days to help resolve this and we have all agreed after this being the second time of its occurrence, this will be its last. Anyone seen or suspected to be in possession of duped items will be instantly permanently banned, anyone seen to be duping will straight away be permanently IP-banned. We have resolved many issues which may have been causing these dupes, though we are not perfect and there is no doubt a bypass will be found at some point, meaning this process will have to start again. To ensure your security for not just you staying on the server, but kitpvp staying up, it is vital you instantly alert staff if you suspect someone of duping and always remove any duped items you have collected, or hold them in a spare pv and ask staff, as soon as possible, to remove it for you. By no means is it going to be acceptable to trade illegal items and unless you want to face an unforgiving ban, I suggest you are to stick with that.

Finally, in case you were wondering, no, KitPvP has not been reset, we have banned dupers, those who have not admitted to obtaining duped items and removed items from those who have admitted. Meaning we trust that it should now be okay.

Any questions, please comment below.

Many thanks,

Side Note: The 45% Off 4th of July Sale has now ended.
by SkellyX at 7:04 PM
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Hey guys,

This is to inform you all that KitPvP will be down for a while tomorrow while myself and Matty work on fixing a few of major issues. Primarily we are experiencing a major issue with player UUIDs which is causing numerous problems - not only on KitPvP but globally. One of which is that when members change their IGN, they end up getting reset. This isn't the only issue but it's best that we fix these problems ASAP.

Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say this is going to mean that we have to reset the server, however, in light of the dupe glitch we discovered that involved players having pv's full of gapples and P4 gear and - judging from our logs - were trading those items with several players including their own alts, we feel it would be best. Several of the active players have already requested a reset so I guess this could be seen as a win/win. So many items from the dupe glitch have been distributed that many players are now too OP - to use a glitch in this way for your own advantage and not reporting it just ruins the game. We have identified the cause of the duping and we will be fixing this too.

On the bright side - we will hopefully have made the server 1.7 compatible and have a better anticheat in place by the time we launch it back up. We feel that the benefits of this completely outweigh the negatives, although I know some of you will be annoyed at this, it's the only way to fix these issues and I'm sure you'd rather have it done now than further down the line. You will not lose your ranks!

Downtime will begin at approximately 8:00am EST/1:00pm BST 06/30. We apologise the inconvenience.